Mission Statement

Includes description of basic services, Mission Statement, cost, options to purchase educational materials, minerals / vitamins.

T.W.'s Editorials

Historical writing from KOW Ruminations newsletter of limited practical value / application, but useful to introduce the KOW school of thought.

Common Questions and Answers

About dairy nutrition from the soil up.

Subscription Only
N.C.A. / N.R.C.

A copy of KOW's new client agreement which describes / lists the responsibilities and expectations of the KOW consultant-client relationship. A review of National Research Council's Dairy 2001 emphasizing / highlighting how KOW teaching is in accord with current scientific knowledge.

Harvest, Storage, and Quality Evaluation

Instructions covering the KOW recommended protocols for harvesting / storing feedstuffs. Includes information on additives / preservatives, feed testing, physical evaluation, and natural poisons (mold / mycotoxins, etc.).

Calves, Heifers, and Dry Cows

KOW's standard feeding and management guidelines. Includes explanation regarding why they differ from industry standards / norms.

Ration Balancing

Describes Tom Weaver's original / unique guidelines for developing (formulating) and evaluating lactating cow rations. Results in high forage feeding, ruminant healthy rations.

Veterinarian Cooperation

Includes topics such as reproduction and udder health, how to cooperate with the local D.V.M.

Milk Cow Miscellaneous, Special Topics

Includes articles emphasizing the benefits of dry hay, the uselessness of energy calculations, special grain mixtures, fiber by-product use, free choice minerals, TMR feeding, etc.


Supplementing pasture, general pasture management, low cost / labor efficient management systems / housing ideas.

Corn Silage

How to successfully feed / supplement it. Explanation of KOW's historical / unique teaching.

Soil / Fertilizer

KOW's general guidelines for interpreting soil test results, applying manure and commercial fertilizer. Includes explanation of the purpose of individual soil nutrients and how they may affect forage quality, recommended fertilizer ingredients, blended fertilizer recipes for low fertility soils (certified organic and conventional).

Crop / Nutrient Management Planning

Guidelines for developing efficient and sustainable crop rotations that match livestock feed needs. Includes seed selection, rates and alternative forages / grains (not alfalfa and corn only). Also includes forms needed for crop / nutrient management (590 code) planning and fall season feed inventory calculation guidelines.

KOW Mineral Labels

For reference on analysis, feeding rates. Includes formulas for both organic and medicated calf pellets and a copy of the KOW recommended standard credit policy.

The Ruminant Digestive System

Technical reference covering individual nutrients (including water).