Grazing management for beginners -and experienced graziers alike:
The key productivity enhancing management practices for all dairy graziers
Making the Case to Revive the Practice of Green Chopping

February/March 2010:
Keeping the Ration Balanced on Pasture Doesn't Require the Wizard of Oz

TMI can interfere with DMI, information can overwhelm wisdom

Feed :
KOW's General Feeding Recommendations For Lactating Cows on Quality Pasture

Management Intensive Grazing:
Management Intensive Grazing, by Jim Gerrish

A quick "top-grazing" of an excellent book you should read -a book report for you by Tom Weaver

TMR/Heat Stress:
It's Impossible to Feed a TMR While Grazing

Only Big Dummies Force Cows to Suffer Heat Stress and Flies

The Secret Sex Lives Of Flies:
The Secret Sex Lives Of Flies: They Like It Dirty

Get your mind out of the gutter . . . Insecticide is not your answer, clean up!

Your Cows' Rumen Is Like A Steam Locomotive

Don't Derail It With Heat Stress, Poor Nutrition & Bunk Management

One Shot:
Northern Midwest "One-Shot" Pasture Supplement

August/September 2005:
Ultra-Low Grain Feeding In Lactating Cow Rations

How Low Can You Go? How can it be done?

Beyond Polywire and Posts, Gear Graziers Should Not Be Without

...or things that I think they should at least consider.

August/September 2008:
So You Want To Go It Alone -Eh?

Feeding dairy cows without grain.

April/May 2007:
Can Cows and Their Managers Be Their Own Worst Enemy?

Maybe it's time to re-think housing options.

Sky is Falling:
The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!

Don't let M.U.N. numbers alone scare you.

Unedited Answers to Joel McNair's Questions, Graze Magazine

August/September 2002:
A more Sustainable Model for Expansion Dairies in the Upper Midwest