KOW Consulting cooperates with other organizations and independent consultants.

The KOWboyz are not "Lone Rangers"!

Purchase TM / VTM Concentrate at our volume discount.

Due to interest in KOW feeding protocols / programs in areas we do not have an associate advisor -as well as born of a desire to cooperate with / assist like-minded organizations, KOW Concentrate Paks and technical advisory assistance are now being offered throughout the upper Midwest and NE regions of the USA (additional regions are pending). Organizations and individuals that qualify* to purchase TM/VTM Concentrate at volume discount pricing will have access to KOW trained professionals proven capable to teach and/or troubleshoot dairy management in accordance with the information provided on this website. Founding members of KOW Association live in southern Wisconsin and central Pennsylvania. Our personal reach is limited, but our desire to assist farmers with our information / teaching is not. Those dairy farmers that are accustomed to regularly scheduled visits from a "KOWboy" hire our services via the purchase of regular concentration (dilute formula) TM/VTM Paks (as recommended for use in all KOW literature and appropriate for use in TMRs, grain mixtures). Pricing within regular formula TM/VTM includes consultation / service fees to cover retaining advisory assistance, soil testing, ration work, etc. (See "What KOW Consulting Association Can Do For You.") While the KOWboyz would like to serve more farms than we do, there are limits to distance and human resources that prevent us.

Fortunately the KOW website provides a teaching curriculum and many practical guidelines that farmers can use to their benefit without the aid of a regularly visiting advisor. Therefore, KOW TM/VTM Concentrate pricing structure is without farmer consultation fee included. The sole purpose of TM/VTM Concentrate is to make readily available a highly concentrated, high quality source of trace minerals / vitamins that can (must) be premixed on-farm to create regular formula TM/VTM Pak (to be used as directed in all KOW literature) -and to do so at a price that is equitable considering service limitations. Individuals and/or organizations that qualify* to purchase Concentrate at volume discount pricing will be granted phone consultation / access to KOW Advisors on a regular basis. These same individuals / organizations will be given priority for personal consulting visits by KOW Advisors according to the fee schedule of $70/hour (actual advisory activity, not driving), plus travel expenses (current IRS mileage allowance plus, meals and lodging). These fees will be invoiced by the individual KOW Advisor. Purchase of KOW TM / VTM Concentrate at volume discount pricing (when qualified*) does include full KOW website access, KOW Ruminations newsletter, and KOW Review of the Dairy News service at no additional charge. (These benefits only to the volume purchasing entity -not to individual farmers that they may be associated with.) If you as an individual consultant / advisor have interest in cooperating / associating with KOW or if you represent a dairy co-op or organization seeking our services, please contact me directly at ph 608-897-1885, fx 608-237-2272, or the Online Contact Form. -Tom Weaver

*Qualify: In order to purchase KOW TM / VTM Concentrate at volume discount, an individual or organization must be able to demonstrate that it is involved in resale (not to exceed KOW suggested retail pricing, but may sell for less if other arrangements are made to fund services of warehousing and delivery). Additionally, the individual or organization must be of good reputation (demonstrating and possessing a history of integrity in business dealings, supported by references) and willing to commit to non-contradiction of the KOW Mission Statement and general management guidelines / teaching. Finally, individuals or organizations qualified to purchase at volume discount must provide subscriptions (the purpose of this is to ensure the end-user [farmer] receives KOW basic guidelines/teaching and are notified / reminded of the additional information available on our website) to KOW Ruminations Newsletter to all farmers that KOW TM / VTM Concentrate is resold to and purchase these minimum quantities for each shipment: 1000 lbs KOW TM Concentrate (20 -50 lb bags), 1000 lbs KOW VTM Concentrate (20-50 lb bags) or 40 bags total combined order (1 ton). All KOW TM / VTM Concentrate sales will be on a pre-paid basis only -after Weaver Feeding & Management, LLC, receives payment (your check is cashed or electronic transfer is complete) will your order be (promptly) shipped. (There is not enough margin in this business to extend credit! Thanks for your understanding -my business would not long exist if I did.) Dairy farmers are welcome to inquire about our volume discount -so long as our minimum requirements are met, they are eligible. This program could be a good opportunity for the feeding / mixing manager of any dairy to be paid for his knowledge / skills by advising and re-selling to his neighbors -with KOW technical support. Phone, fax or email for more information.