Baled Hay:
Dry Baled Hay-Is it really that important?

Your Cows Need More Energy

Energy Boost:
KOW's Top-Cow Energy Boost Top Dress

Ethyl Alcohol:
Use of Ethyl Alcohol in Ruminants

Show Cow:
KOW Consulting Association's Show Cow Grain Mix Recipe

(Or may be used anytime a ration based primarily upon good quality dry grassy hay or balage is fed)

KOW Consulting Association Quick Reference Guidesheet

for Common Fiber By-products To Extend / Replace Forage Supplies, Replace / Reduce Grain (Starch) Content Of Rations

February/March 2005:
Is It Wise To Free Choice Minerals? Yes and no.

It all depends upon which minerals. (And I'm not thinkin' about which brand.)

TMR Feeding:
Has TMR Feeding Failed Us? Or Have We Misused The Tool?