Corn Silage Truth:
All KOW Clients Are Prohibited From Feeding Corn Silage(?!)

The truth is, corn silage is an excellent source of starch (grain) for rations.

October/November 2006:
Why Must We Make This So Difficult and Complex?

Ask the Cows What They Need, Not the Salesman

How Much Corn Silage:
How Much Corn Silage is Too Much?

August/September 2004:
How to Feed a High Corn Silage Ration

Yes! You can, KOW will help you, and, as everybody knows, it's very profitable.

Using Feed Grade Urea to Substitute for 48% Soymeal:
Cautions and guidelines for KOW clients (not for certified organic)

What the KOWboy Recommended for the 2012 Drought:
What KOW clients can do to recover, hang on till 2013
Feed Analysis Report