June/July 2014:
Sometimes It's the Big Stuff That Matters Most, Not the Details

Don't let the decoy of trivial pursuit cause you to major on minors.

June/July 2007:
Fiber is the Brake, Grain is the Gas Pedal, Protein and Minerals Set the Fuel Mix

There's no place for blind drivers on the dairy highway.
How to Feed Less Protein Concentrate, Lower CP Rations

How to Feed Less Protein Concentrate, Lower CP Rations:
While by-pass amino acids may be promoted, don't focus on formulation.
As Forages Mature:
As Forages Mature, Less Protein is Available

Dairy Ration Estimate

Lactating Cows:
Are You Feeding Your Lactating Cows By The Rules?

Balance Ration:
Yes, You Can Balance a Ration

Look! Your Cows Are Trying to Tell You Something

February / March 2009:
A New Reserach "Spin" in Starch Digestibility Doesn't Change KOW Guide Rules.

Rather it confirms KOW shelled corn equivalent feeding ranges.

Organic Substitutions:
Usda Certified Organic Substitutions

For use in KOW rules for feeding

Robotic milking will change the way cows are fed:
Not just the method, but also the formulation.

This even if you never plan on investing in robots!

Robo-Pellet Formula:
For use in Lelly Astronaut A3 Robo-Milker