Dear Dairyman and/or friend of the dairy farms of America,

You are about to be introduced to a new kind of advisory service for dairy production management. The first document within the Table Of Contents of this website contains a general description of the services provided by KOW Consulting Association advisors and our Mission Statement. A careful reading of our Mission Statement will reveal a truly wholistic approach to dairy farm management with a strong emphasis on pursuit of the financial interests of the farmer (not agribusiness).

In order to better communicate the point of view and uniquely farmer focused emphasis of our Association of truly independent consultants, several historical editorial position papers have been included in the non-subscription / "free" section of this website. Access to our entire website (including production management advice) is available via a yearly subscription fee of $120 U.S. An e-mail specific access (password) will be granted for one year upon receipt of check or money order paid to WEAVER FEEDING & MANAGEMENT, LLC.

Thank you for your interest in KOW Consulting Association.

Tom Weaver
New Items - Updated January 4
Newsletter 2011, quarter 3:
Are you using the right software to balance the ration?

Know which ration software can guarantee a precision ration (?)

KOW Custom Mix Complete:
Dairy Calf Starter

Grazing management for beginners -and experienced graziers alike:
The key productivity enhancing management practices for all dairy graziers

Organic Substitutions:
Usda Certified Organic Substitutions

For use in KOW rules for feeding

How secure is your stored forage investment? Did you seal the silo?:
Don't get clobbered by devaluation / depreciation.

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Robotic milking will change the way cows are fed:
Not just the method, but also the formulation.

This even if you never plan on investing in robots!

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The more transportation costs, the more quality and use efficiency matters
Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease
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